Kay Salera French Polynesia

Kay Salera is an award-winning, International photographer, who has been photographing couples in various locations all over the world. She is originally from Japan, and now calls Hawaii her home. She has lived throughout the United States, Canada, Thailand, Italy, and France, and is always ready for the next adventure. She enjoys incorporating each couples unique love story by seeking out breathtaking backgrounds and capturing one of a kind, intimate moments. From the rocky beaches in Estonia to a huge coral plate in French Polynesia, Kay is ready to capture the memories of your special day/event. 

Kay enjoys photographing engagement surprises, rehearsals, wedding day events, honeymoon photoshoots and everything else in between. Couples can enjoy a professional photoshoot with Kay anywhere in the world that they desire (based on availability); as her love for traveling and adventure is just as strong as her love for photography. If you’ve been itching to travel somewhere exotic and romantic for your big day and want to capture the memories with the best in the industry, please make an inquiry with your ideas. Whether your destination is across town or across the county, Kay would love to meet you!