[Hawaii] Rika's Portrait Session on a Beach


My friend Rika and I met through a friend of mine at an event I hosted in Tokyo this spring. The event was about working in foreign countries. Rika studied and worked in the east coast in the US, and I studied in Arizona and then worked in Oregon. Our experience in the states at first was very challenging, especially because we both were in the country side with not so many Japanese around us, so we had to immediately learn American way and get used to the culture. For me, I was fortunate to start my American life in Flagstaff Arizona - with that experience I am here being able to work with couples from all over the world! So our experience and was similar, we both went though the tough time, proud of our achievement, have same passions for ocean and nature (we both love scuba diving!), naturally we became friends :) This time, Rika decided to take a short vacation in Hawaii, she asked me if she could have a photo session with me.

We met at one of the beaches I like near Diamond Head at the dusk. The water was calm and there was still beautiful color of blue in the water. She had two outfits - leopard bikinis and cute flowy dress. Here I would like to share some of the photos from the latter half of our photo session.

If you are thinking of having a photo session in the future, and if you wear skirts, my recommendation is to bring a flowy garment! The soft fabric and the movement of the dress make photos look even better :)

Thank you so much Rika for having a session with me during your short stay! I was glad to capture your inner beauty♡

Rika Hawaii Kay Salera Photography2
Rika Hawaii Kay Salera Photography5
Rika Hawaii Kay Salera Photography8
Rika Hawaii Kay Salera Photography6
Rika Hawaii Kay Salera Photography1