[Hawaii] Flower Moon Engagement Session


It’s nice to be back to my home in Hawaii! It has been a bit rainier than usual on Oahu, but we have mostly nice weather every day! A few days ago, Daylin of Inspired Films Hawaii and I had an adventure engagement session with Jennifer and Peter from Toronto, Canada.

We started our shoot in the late afternoon and visited three sites with nice water and cliffs in the east of Oahu. When I was preparing my lighting for the blue hour shoot, I noticed that there was a beautiful full moon peaking through the cloud. I asked Jennifer and Peter to just look at the moon and enjoy the view, and I took this one photo with a perfect full moon in the sky.

Full Moon.jpg

Since this location is facing against the sun, and sun already went down over the mountain behind us, we couldn’t see the actual sunset. However, I am always a big fan of the sky on the opposite side of the sun. Why? Because they have nice soft pink-purple sky spread everywhere before your eyes when you face that direction. With natural light, you can achieve this moody lighting and I am totally in love with it.

When was your last time you watched a beautiful fool moon with your love? Yesterday, May 18th was the Flower Moon (What is Flower Moon? Read more here!) and I got to see it just over the horizon with my love in Kahala after a wedding shoot with Saya and Hayden around 7:30pm. If you missed that, I am sure you can look at the beautiful almost-full-moon tonight as well!