[Maldives] Elopement Video at a Sand Bank in Baa Atoll


Aloha everyone!

Two weeks ago, I had this opportunity to photograph for a new guest house in Maldives called Thundi Village in Baa Atoll. This guest house was created by a diver and his partner, and they wanted to cater to many needs including vacationing, divings, and also weddings! I visited there for three days, and photographed their hotel with an amazing couple Ayano and Shota from Kuala Lumpur. Our highlight of the shoot was the visit to this sand bank - it’s about 20 min boat ride from the guest house, and it was all to ourselves! Usually I don’t do videos, but this place was so massive and amazing in the middle of nowhere - so I needed to use video to capture the most out of it to show how crazy beautiful this sand bank was!

If you haven’t been to Maldives, they have hundreds of islands in their country, and many different accommodations to choose from - 5 star hotels to guests houses for divers. Thundi Village is perfect for people who like to experience the local way to enjoy local meals cooked by local chefs, and amazing diving and sand bar experiences with less cost compared to other resorts.

Below is the drone video from the sand bank we visited. Please make sure to click on “HD” to view in the best quality. Enjoy!