[France] Location Recommendation - Nancy


Bonjour à vous!

One of the topics I wanted to write on my blog this year is about locations I would like to recommend to have photo shoots. I travel quite often, and I see beautiful places all over the world, so I always wanted to share what I see and introduce new locations to you. This was my home base of early this month - Nancy, France. Nancy is about 90 min away from Paris by TGV (French fast speed train), or OuiGo.

My most favorite location in Nancy is called Place Stanislas, a UNESCO world heritage site build between 1752 - 1755. This place has an amazing architecture, fountains, golden gates and street lights, and beautiful arch towards the park. If you want to have a photo shoot in Nancy, this will be definitely one of the places I would like to take you with me. Outside of Place Stanislas, there are cute cafes and buildings around the area. The advantage of having a session in Nancy is that there are not so many people in the city compared to other big cities. You can have a relaxed morning, and go out for an 1-2 hour photo shoot in the late morning to early afternoon. The photos below were taken around 1-2pm in January - perfect soft light during this time in winter.

Location: Nancy, France
Recommended duration of shoot: 1-2 hours
Good for: Wedding, Engagement, Couple/Solo Portrait